Stephanie Rogers, Captain US Army. Codename: Captain America.
[Indie rule!63 MCU Steve Rogers. Open to all fandoms. Post CA: TWS.] Time in South Korea:

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Rip Van Stark (closed, Starspangledusogirl)


He held up a finger and looked around. He flicked a button on his watch and static began to play. He listened intently for a moment before realizing that there was no distortion or disruption in the static. Satisfied that there were no bugs around, he dropped his arm. “Okay. We’re good. Listen, Cap. I’m going to be frank with you. For the longest time, I thought you were the reason why my mom died. She went looking for you when her engines iced over, because for whatever reason, she couldn’t let you go. I hated you for it. Which… wasn’t fair to you. You didn’t make my mother’s engines ice over. It took me years to realize that sooner or later, she was going to get injured looking for you and nobody was going to stop her regardless of what happened. I hated you less. …And then it dawned on me not too long after we found you.” He lowered his voice despite the quiet area. 

There’s no way my mother’s engines would have iced over. She engineered planes to be the best for Arctic air— so she could go looking for you. It never would have froze over. I think some one tampered with the plane. And here’s the kicker. SHIELD won’t give me back the plane. Said they lost it. And all the notes. It doesn’t add up.  My mother was too careful to die that way. I don’t know what to do about it, but I will find out what happened to my mom.

Tony cleared his throat. “I… also don’t hate you at all, any more. Just so you know. Also… to show you that there aren’t any hard feelings…” He reached into his suit coat and pulled out his mother’s compass locket. “I ah… I didn’t understand why my mom would keep going out to try and find you when everyone else closed the case- and then I opened this.” He hit the button on the top, opening the compass. Inside was a picture of Steph. “I don’t know what you had with my mom… It’s not my business to know. I’ll say this though, if Rhodey went missing, I’d never stop looking for him either. I want you to have this. It was my mom’s favorite compass. She said she only had to open it to know where home was.” 

Stephanie winces, Tony knew how to be blunt and honest when he wanted to be. She’d always wondered just why he got so bristly when they’d first met. Before the great insult extravaganza brought to the science lab by that glow stick of destiny as he liked to call it. Now she knows. He felt she was responsible for his Mom’s death, her going away all the time.

That, makes her heart hurt. Hilde’d kept looking. Apparently someone hadn’t wanted her to keep looking. Her arms cross, brows furrowed as Tony tells her that SHIELD lost the plane, and the notes - presumably about the accident. SHIELD never lost anything like that and especially not paperwork.

"Oh." Steph blurts the word in surprise when he shows her Hilde’s compass. Her face flares red when it’s opened and her picture is on the top, a lump forming in her throat. "Thanks Tony. I - I really appreciate you letting me have this. Your mom was a hell of a lady, she was one of a kind. If you need help, figuring out who hurt her, messed with her plane, call me.  But, uh, we better get back to the others, before they think we’re at each other’s throat or something." Her face twists into the approximation of a smile. Really she wants to high tail it out of there, get right away from the world.

Someone had intentionally hurt Hildegard and then tried to cover it up. Steph chews on her lip. That didn’t set right with her at all. This wasn’t the war though, she couldn’t just go and beat up the most likely person or persons in retribution. 

*pins you against a wall and kisses you* Pass this on to the first ten people on your dash.



WhoaMs. Danvers, er - Colonel, I, uh. Is this some new age team building exercise no one told me about?”


      It’d be nice if that were it, wouldn’t it? No. I think Stark got his hands on some sort of kissing disease. Wanna help me kill him?

    “I don’t normally condone that kind of thing, but making people spread a disease or some such, yeah, I will plot his demise with you.” 

*pins you against a wall and kisses you* Pass this on to the first ten people on your dash.


"MMH!!.. mmm.. Who’re… you?"

Hello enthusiastic kissing stranger.

Steph, and you are?” 

Don’t you touch him - Callmecatman


Blake had to admit it was a good trap.  Like all those who wanted to hire the Six anonymously SHIELD  the moniker Mockingbird to lure him out.  Once the job was over they grabbed him and his friends and moved them to a secure facility.  He wasn’t sure who was behind it just yet, likely it was just Amanda Waller making a move to control them and recruit Deadshot again.  It didn’t really matter though, he knew Steph was fed up with SHIELD as is and would come to his rescue.

Steph wasn’t out to hurt people as she barrels through the facility. Not permanently at least. Knock them out, keep them down until she got to Blake - absolutely. She bursts into his cell with a bloodied lip and a cut over her eye, a spot on her suit is singed [she’s hates those fucking cattle prods masquerading as tazers] and jerks her head back out the door.

"Come one, back ups coming. Was anyone else taken with you?" 


He doesn’t care if she sees or not. He’s proud of his body, but his intentions aren’t to show it off, it’s too get comfortable. Peeling back the covers, he climbs into the matching twin and lays on his right side to see her. “No problem. If you ‘ave any problems jus’ let me know.” By problems, he means any bad dreams or any discomfort at all.

A muffled ‘will do’ sounds from her side of the room. Hopefully his presence will keep any night terrors away. The last thing Steph wants to do is wake him up. She curls in on herself like she usually does and falls asleep with a little sigh. 

Coffee or Tea? || avenginggirlscout



——Faora’s ears perked up as she detected the movement to the side, eyes scanning to find that girl who had become much less of a nuisance and more of a peaceful respite from trying to fix the damn Phantom Drive. The exchange via comms the day before making the Subcommander all the more curious. “Interesting. I did not expect you until later. Why the early arrival?”

"Well, this isn’t actually early for me. Plus, I thought about it, and I thought why not?" She lifts up a carrier with four cups in it. "There are  a lot of choices at the tea shop so I got a few different kinds of tea." 
Typically Steph went after coffee to start up the day, but in the face of not knowing Faora’s preferences on teas, decided that four kinds and choosing one at random would work for her. she offers the cups to the other woman.

"Is that still giving you problems? The - part you keep poking at, I mean." 


His brow arches again as she calls, a hum rumbling at the back of his throat before he lets out a little sigh. Pushing out his lower lip, he slips a nail beneath his cards before flipping them over for her to see, his head tipping to the side. “Straight up to 9. Show ‘em.”


Steph rarely plays this game, at least with people she doesn’t know. Last time she played was with the team. She flips a token between her fingers as she lays down her cards. “Jacks over eights.” 

*pins you against a wall and kisses you* Pass this on to the first ten people on your dash.

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